A proud father writes

May 30, 2011

Upstairs my 10 year old son is discovering the delights of iTunes. Don’t worry, he doesn’t have an internet connection up there, just an eMac I inherited from my place of work.
He’s loading up some of my CDs, which is why The Byrds (Bells of Rhymney) and The Kinks (Sunny Afternoon) are drifting down.
What’s more, he’s singing along – we used to share these tunes at his bedtime sing-song.
I feel as though an important taste in music has been passed to the new generation.


For the sheer pleasure of it: Nic Jones, Canadee-i-o

August 20, 2009

Just found this on YouTube. What a blessing.

Technorati claim

August 15, 2009


Robyn Hitchcock: the Interview

August 15, 2009

This is an unedited copy of a phone interview I did with Robyn for Record Collector magazine, to coincide with the release of Goodnight Oslo. Topics covered include
• his other recent (re)releases
• the difficulties of preserving recorded music
• inspiration for songwriting
• and the horrible comedown that inspired the title track of Goodnight Oslo.

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Robyn Hitchcock – interview coming

January 26, 2009

I interviewed Robyn Hitchcock this morning, for a piece that will appear in Record Collector. Our conversation was too long to be reproduced there, so I’m going to put a transcript and a link to the soundfile on here.